Handlebar Console<wbr> (single-seater)

Handlebar Console (single-seater)

The perfect zip bag for those things of yours you need ready access to, combined with two drink holders. Matches the Croozer Kid Plus for 1 exactly.

Safe storage of your valuables
There is a Combi-Bag available for your Croozer which you attach to the handle with Velcro fasteners. The zipped bag has a headset hole for your smartphone and additional space for your wallet or keys, and other important items which you don’t want to have to spend time searching for.

Never without your drink bottle
The two drink holders are practically designed for whatever drinks you need: your coffee-to-go, your drink bottle when you are out exercising, or baby’s feeding bottle. Even when you go jogging, everything is there to hand and kept in its right place.