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It all began with an idea…

March 1993. Andreas Gehlen had a vision: he foresaw a future for bicycle trailers as a solution for sustainable mobility and a practical alternative to cars. With this vision, he founded Germany’s first mail-order company for bicycle trailers and sold products from around 20 manufacturers.

In 1994 Andreas Gehlen began selling his products wholesale to other businesses: the company was officially registered as Zwei plus zwei Marketing GmbH. Andreas Gehlen and his team moved to the heart of Cologne. Today, the retail business “Familienradgeber” is still located at this address and has become a well-known specialty shop for children’s bikes, folding bikes and bicycle trailers.

In 1997 the company became the exclusive distributor for Chariot in Europe and made the Canadian bicycle trailer a well-known brand on the European market. As our staff grew, so did our product range: soon we were also offering bicycles and tandems.

The Croozer brand is born

In 2002 we began concentrating on the sale of selected, high-quality brands of trailers and specialised bikes.

Our many years of experience and extensive know-how motivated us to develop our own bicycle-trailer brand. With support from Chariot, we succeeded in introducing the first Croozer to the market in the spring of 2003. Within five years, Croozer became the top-selling bicycle trailer in Europe. At the same time, we established our own bicycle manufactory in Cologne, where we assembled bicycles from the Wanderer brand, as well as tandems.

Zwei plus zwei continues to grow

In 2010 Zwei plus zwei GmbH updated its design, employed a staff of 40 and generated a total of €20 million in sales.

In 2011 the owners of Chariot decided to sell their company to Thule. In the same year, Zwei plus zwei sold more than 75,000 Croozer leader for bicycle trailers. Subsequently, Zwei plus zwei took over all worldwide trademark rights for the Croozer brand and, two years later, stopped selling Chariot/Thule trailers. During this period, we also closed our bicycle manufactory.

The foundation had been laid: we had developed from a distributor to a manufacturer with worldwide sales. In late 2013 we established Croozer Inc. in Canada. This company is responsible for the sale of Croozer bicycle trailers outside of Europe.

Zwei plus zwei changes its name to Croozer

For Andreas Gehlen, managing partner of Zwei plus zwei GmbH, it is clear: “We are exclusively and passionately dedicated to the production and sale of Croozer bicycle trailers. Our claim ‘Simply on the Move’ reflects our expertise and the quality guarantee with which we plan to continue expanding our market leadership. We are proud that Croozer is still No. 1 in Europe. It is therefore a natural and logical step for us to change our name from Zwei plus zwei GmbH to Croozer GmbH, effective 1 Jan. 2016.”